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On Homosexuality

The following is from the excellent readyokaygo.

LG(BTI?) identities as a human right have been universalized. This project is being carried out by a coalition of gay rights organizations that Joseph Massad explores in his book Desiring Arabs, called the “Gay International”. Modeling itself after the liberal feminist movement, the Gay International apparatus is championed by White Western men that perform their homosexuality along heteronormative lines in order to gain conditional acceptance of their queerness as citizens in a capitalist and patriarchal State. Jasbir Puar calls this process “homonationalism” in her book Terrorist Assemblages; it is the way by which the West discusses homosexuality in a hetero/homo binary, and codifies LG(BTI?) identities with neoliberal values, including support for free-market capitalism, liberal individualism, White Supremacy, and imperialism abroad. While harming marginalized queers in the West, especially trans women and men, queers of color, and those with HIV/AIDS, homonationalism has proven particularly harmful to queers in postcolonial and non-Western nation-states.

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    The following is from the excellent readyokaygo. LG(BTI?) identities as a human right have been universalized. This...
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