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March 19, 2013   6 notes

Fall Out Boy and the Burmese Monk/Punk boys


This is Fall Out Boy’s new album cover. It’s awesome. Fall Out Boy explain why they chose to use this Roger Stonehouse photo originally taken in Burma/Myanmar: ‘we came across the punk and monk image on the Internet and it really solidified what we were trying to get across on the record - the idea of old and new clashing. tradition and change coming together. there was something striking about it. obviously this is an image that means a lot to many people - we felt like we wanted to be part of this conversation.’

This reminded me of this article, on the use of Third World imagery in Beyoncé’s Run The World (Girls) music video to appear ‘edgy’ and ‘rebellious.’ Also notice that the punk boy is wearing an AC/DC shirt in the original photo. Fall Out Boy blacked it out for this cover understandably (big shoes).

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