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"I would like to see black America honestly examine where we are at this point in history. We must stop relying on Democrats or Republicans or institutions that oppress us, and take responsibility for ourselves. Whenever we’ve stepped out to assume responsibility for our future, we’ve succeeded in our mission. White America didn’t give us the gains we’ve made. Through various movements we went out and fought for our liberation and made ourselves a better people, and the world a better place. I am far from disillusioned. Deep in my soul, I know there are more Rosa Parks, more Dr. Kings, and more Ella Bakers ready to emerge. Perhaps we are the firefighters who can save the burning house. Martin would have embraced such a thought."

- Harry Belafonte

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"I’ve come upon something that disturbs me deeply. We have fought hard and long for integration, as I believe we should have, and I know that we will win. But I’ve come to believe we’re integrating into a burning house. … I’m afraid that America may be losing what moral vision she may have had. And I’m afraid that even as we integrate, we are walking into a place that does not understand that this nation needs to be deeply concerned with the plight of the poor and disenfranchised. Until we commit ourselves to ensuring that the underclass is given justice and opportunity, we will continue to perpetuate the anger and violence that tears at the soul of this nation.”

- Martin Luther King Jr

King said this not long before his death, as recounted by Harry Belafonte.

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Frick. I got it wrong. I wrongly said there’s a court case pending in PNG to see if Manus Island detention centre is constitutional. Tha’ts not true. In April 2014, the PNG government amended the constitution, taking away asylum seeker’s constitutional right to ‘personal liberty’.

This is awful. So the case in PNG’s Supreme Court on whether Manus Island detention is constitutional is still going ahead, I believe - “The Opposition’s lawyer Loani Henao says they’ll now amend their challenge to target the constitutional amendments instead” (April 2014) - but, I imagine, with much less chance of success :(

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androphilia: The band Massive Attack delivers solidarity message for Gaza. (via Khaled Bey)

androphilia: The band Massive Attack delivers solidarity message for Gaza. (via Khaled Bey)

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'omg I love this song' is a stupid reaction when it's your own iphone shuffle.

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The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years

  1. 1996 Benetton
  2. 1996 UK
  3. 1999 campaign via the UK by the Commission for Racial Equality
  4. 2001 For the National Congress Of American Indians
  5. 2002 Via the UK for the National Assembly Against Racism
  6. 2002 Via the UK
  7. 2002 National Union of Students
  8. 2003 Red Cross of Finland
  9. 2004 campaign via the UK
  10. 2007 A More Perfect Union via the USA

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PNG sidenote…

Super-interesting sidenote: A PNG judge (Cannings J) has initiated his own inquiry into human rights violations in Manus detention. The PNG govt brought about legal action straight away to quash the inquiry, arguing Cannings is ‘biased’. They were successful, but Cannings just started up another inquiry (with a slightly different focus) immediately! Whether that inquiry can go ahead, I believe, is still being decided. But Cannings is not backing down! He’s the dude that got access and allowed Aussie journos to join him in inspecting Manus in March, much to the annoyance of our and PNG’s govt.

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Manus detention could be illegal under PNG law

Manus Island detention could be illegal under PNG’s constitution. This is a big deal! It could be the best chance we’ve got of seeing Manus detention closed! But not many people know about the case currently in PNG’s Supreme Court. Here are the facts:

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Tony Abbott on Israel

“In so many ways, [Israel is] a country so much like Australia, a liberal, pluralist democracy. A beacon of freedom and hope in a part of the world which has so little freedom and hope. … It is so easy for us in Australia to get moral qualms, if you like, when we read about Israeli actions in – on the West Bank for instance – or Israeli involvement in Lebanon. And yet, we are not threatened in the way Israel was and is, and if we were threatened in the way Israel was and is, I am sure that we would take actions just as strong in our own defence. When Israel is fighting for its very life, well, as far as I’m concerned, Australians are Israelis. We are all Israelis in those circumstances.”

-Tony Abbott (2012)

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Who killed Reza Berati? According to two asylum seekers, they were beaten and tortured by Australian officials to retract their evidence because a number of staff were involved in Berati’s death.

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